Pathfinder 2E [Legendary Games] The MECHANICAL MONSTERS Kickstarter is LIVE for DnD 5E, Pathfinder 2E, and Pathfinder RPG!


Mechanical Monsters is a softcover bestiary featuring over 140 incredible creatures for DnD 5E, over 130 for Pathfinder Second Edition, or over 100 for Pathfinder RPG. These mechanical monstrosities may be born from mad sciencists and magitech, steampunk and clockworks, and advanced cybernetics and robotics. Blend alien technology with ancient empires and science with sorcery with Mechanical Monsters for all three systems! Best of all, these books are DONE, with immediate PDF fulfillment when the Kickstarter ends and print books ready to ship soon! Pledge today and check out below for more details!

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In addition to this beautiful bestiary, you can get incredible add-ons like:
  • Mechanical Heroes (Pathfinder 2E): 50 pages of technological player options including ancestries like the clockwork auttaine & energized phalanx with 20+ ancestry feats from Fast Recharge to Reactor Siphon, the Cyborg archetype dedication and Mechwright class that binds robotic servitors, plus Nanite, Necrotech, and Technopath feats and 80+ class options from Cybernetic Physiology to Photonic Annihilation Cannon, plus new gear, items, and over 30 spells for everyone like nanite surge and mechakinesis!
  • Alien Bestiary (5E and Pathfinder RPG): Nearly 300 mutants, aliens, eldritch horrors, starfaring fey, and so much more! Find void dragons, Great Old Ones, star fairies, asteroid worms, plasma oozes, star blights, and supermassive singularities, plus expanded rules for radiation, vacuum, high-tech hazards, and more!
  • Alien Codex (5E and Pathfinder RPG): A dozen chapters of incredible character options, gear, feats, spells, and ready-to-use NPCs from fantasy legacy races to reptilian, aquatic, psychic, mechanical, plant, and vile heritages from beyond, perfect for players and GMs alike!
  • VTT options for Roll20, Shard, and Fantasy Grounds, so much more!

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This is a QUICK-starter, running just 23 days, with immediate fulfillment of PDFs as soon as the project ends! The books are done, the PF1 and PF2 books will be printed in small runs locally, Mechanical Monsters 5E is already printed and sailing our way, scheduled to arrive in mid-February, with Alien Bestiary 5E following soon thereafter. It all ends February 8th, so don't delay and pledge today!!!


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