5E [Legendary Games] The Ultimate Kingdoms Kickstarter is coming June 5th!


Heroes in RPGs find fame and fortune in their adventures, but why just be rich as a king when you can actually BE A KING? Carving out a domain of your own has been a part of games like D&D since the beginning, and Ultimate Kingdoms is an ideal supplement to expand your campaign beyond epic journeys and dungeon delving. Your character should really be somebody in the campaign world, making their mark and building a legacy that will last, and that's where Ultimate Kingdoms comes in.

You'll find over 400 pages of sheer unbridled awesomeness for building and maintaining a nation of your own through exploration, conquest, intrigue, and more! Ultimate Kingdoms combines 5E gameplay at the standard character and party level with companion rules for building relationships, managing your domain, mass combat on land, sea, and sky, and so much more! This book combines our best-selling Ultimate line with tons of brand-new material, special guests and accessories to unlock, and options for you to write yourself into the book with a castle or kingdom of your own! Versions available for 5E and Pathfinder 1st Edition!

As the campaign continues, the book will get bigger and better with stretch goals aplenty and special guests you'll be excited to see, each of them making this book more amazing! Plus, you'll be able to write yourself into the book with special sponsorship opportunities! Best of all, the book is already written! We've learned from past projects to get all our ducks in a row well in advance! We are ordering new artwork and have even more we can add as funding continues, but this book will be ready for layout by the end of July and ready to get back to you by the end of 2019!

Get ready for Ultimate Kingdoms - Your Crown Awaits!