Pathfinder 1E [Legendary Games] The ULTIMATE WARRIOR Kickstarter is LIVE for Pathfinder RPG!


The Ultimate Warrior class book project is LIVE ON KICKSTARTER for Pathfinder 1E and DnD!

This incredible double-shot of martial mayhem comes with a pair of books for your favorite fighting classes in both systems! 5E fans who missed our Battlemasters & Berserkers project last year can pick up this incredible 72-page collection of archetypes, items, backgrounds, weapons, alternate class features, and more for barbarians and fighters! Pathfinder 1E players go even bigger with Legendary Classes: Sword and Fist, with amazing options for the barbarian, brawler, cavalier, fighter, gunslinger, monk, samurai, and swashbuckler, with nearly 300 archetypes, cavalier orders, swashbuckler personages, magic items, feats, prestige classes, and more alternate class features and new abilities than you can shake a sword or a fist at!

This is a QUICKSTARTER project, lasting just 15 days, but we don't just mean a quick campaign. Quick means your PDFs will be available immediately after the campaign ends and all print books and add-ons, including incredible monk and martial arts options in Martial Arts Multipack, leading a squad of soldiers or zombie horde with Ultimate Commander, and more, including Fantasy Grounds support, will be headed your way as soon as our 20 Kickstarters of experience can get them up and out the door! Whether you like 5E, Pathfinder, or both, grab your gear and put on your war face because it is time to bring the pain to every monster in your path with the Ultimate Warrior Kickstarter!

We launch today but it all ends August 19th, so spread the word and pledge today! YOU GOTTA FIGHT!


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