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D&D 5E [Legendary Games] Ultimate Faeries KS is coming, The Dragon's Hoard #23 is here! Plus, the 5E GM's Survival Guide!


On this 5E Friday, we are excited to invite you to Ultimate Faeries, the latest killer Kickstarter project from Legendary Games! This massive project features two new hardcovers for DnD 5E, Faerie Campaigns and Faerie Bestiary, with support for Pathfinder 1E and 2E too! These beautiful books include over 1400 pages of material across all three systems to make your campaigns featuring faeries more magical, mysterious, and memorable!

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The 304-page Faerie Bestiary 5E is already laid out and complete, as is the Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium companion volume for PF1, and layout on the Faerie Bestiary PF2 is underway now. Layout will begin on Faerie Campaigns once the second bestiary is complete, with stretch goals structured so they can be added to the end of the book!

5E Friday also means the latest installment of our marvelous monthly magazine devoted to 5th Edition is here for you with The Dragon's Hoard #22, available now with magical items like the yellow sign, a massive double-sized compendium of spells for every letter of the alphabet from amplify elixir to zenith trajectory, including eagle eye, king's castle, festering wounds, and phantasmal revenge, and magnificent monsters like the spectacular solar dragon, the sinister kelpie, and the Great Old One Hastur the Unspeakable! Grab this 28-page 5E book in print or PDF today at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG!

A new issue of The Dragon's Hoard releases every month, and our Patrons get their copies for free on the 1st of each month (The Dragon's Hoard #23 is already in layout for next month), but they go live for everyone by mid-month. Check out some of our recent issues like

  • The Dragon's Hoard #6 features magnificent magic items like the beyonder's veil and redflame trollblade
  • The Dragon's Hoard #7 with class options like the Voyager and Cultist of the Dead God
  • The Dragon's Hoard #8 with spells like aqueous extraction and consuming fire
  • The Dragon's Hoard #9 with treasures like the blade-eating battleaxe and monsters like the cannon golem
  • The Dragon's Hoard #10 with treasures like the crown of iron sorcery and crypt warden's plate
  • The Dragon's Hoard #11 with class options like the soldier of fortune and way of peace
  • The Dragon's Hoard #12 with spells like horrific doubles and bloodbath and monsters like the living crematory & bloodthirsty manikin!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #13, with class options like the bombardier and nanotech infuser, and monsters like the heavy metal elemental!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #14, with magical items like the crown of radiance, cyclops monocle, and rod of the monkey king!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #15, with spells like seize the heart and scarf of slashing steel and monsters like the gloomwing and tenebrous worm!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #16, with magical items like the orb of remote casting and rod of forcefangs & spells like ghost wolf and eldritch fever!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #17, with class options like the oozemancer and college of spies and monsters like the frosty chiseler and bliss dragon!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #18, with magical items like the lighthouse buckler and amulet of mighty fangs & spells like fire snake and wall of sound!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #19, with monsters like the sinister attic whisperer, the glorious bralani, and the doomed llorona!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #20, with magical items like the staff of hoarding, boneless leather, armor of insults, & beaker of plentiful potions!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #21, with class options like the boarder, android, and military society!
  • The Dragon's Hoard #22, monsters like the faithful church grim, the treacherous raktavarna rakshasa, and the eternal time dragon!
Of course, you also can get all of the killer content as it releases (and everyone can get FREE 5E magic items every 5E Friday, with nearly 90 freebies and counting) at the Legendary Loot Patreon! This week's bonus magic item is the treacherous and deadly backstabber's blade, and you can get new 5E content every single day, including Monday Monsters, Sunday Spells, Saturday Subclasses, and Everyday Magic in between, plus special discounts and more benefits galore!

Last but not least, our friend DMDave has just launched his newest Kickstarter campaign, The Fifth Edition Gamemaster’s Survival Guide. This book is a collection of 300 expert monster tactical guides for DnD 5E. These guides are succinct, easy to use, and inject great fun into your Fifth Edition games. Plus, they’re designed to challenge your players while ensuring everyone is still having fun at the table. The Kickstarter includes:

● A 300+ page hardcover bookfeaturing tactical guides for almost all of 5E’s monsters.

● Boxed set upgrades, including playbook cards, tactical GM screens, quick monster tactics decks, and more.

● Digital and VTT-ready versions of all the goods featured.

Check out the Gamemaster's Survival Guide Kickstarter here and back it today!

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