Pathfinder 2E [Legendary Games] Ultimate Rulership makes PF2 Kingdom-Building Legendary!


Legendary Games is the undisputed king of kingdom-building rules for Pathfinder RPG and now for Pathfinder Second Edition! Building upon the rules introduced in the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path by Legendary Games and Paizo, Ultimate Rulership is a massive expansion that brings you new rules for trade and diplomacy, including special resource trade routes and rules for diplomatic missions to establish embassies, treaties and alliances. You’ll also find 50 fantastic new kingdom feats for customizing your domain, from Multilingual Kingdom, Divine Right, and Adaptive Armies to Sea Power, Hidden Refuge, and In Magic We Trust! You’ll also find over a dozen of new kingdom activities to manage your territory like Breed Livestock and Magical Terraforming. You’ll also find tons of smaller optional rules, expanded kingdom abilities and leadership roles, resource dice, terrain effects, and so much more to help your heroes totally RULE! You can grab this awesome 58-page expansion right now at the Legendary Games webstore, Open Gaming Store, Paizo, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG!


Plus, we've got even more awesome expansions for this system in the upcoming Ultimate Cities and Ultimate War! If you love kingdom building and mass combat, you will love what is coming soon from Legendary Games!

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