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Media Legendlore: A video series covering Monsters, Characters, Gods, and other things from D&D


As a DM, have you ever wanted to learn about a monster or god but had to pour over dozens of wikipages and books in order to track down what you wanted? I don't think any of us have hours to look up lore while we're spending time planning our games for our tables, so I created the Youtube channel "Legendlore" to take care of that problem for you.

Each video covers a monster, character, or god from D&D's history from AD&D all the way up to our lovely 5th Edition, and includes:
  • A quick but dense history on the subject
  • Adventure Hooks that involve each subject
  • Ready-made NPCs to use in your games
  • Magic Items related to each subject

You guys can also vote on the subject of each week's video by following us on Twitter and voting in the polls :)
The goal of this channel is to make research for DM's easy and accessible, and while there's tons of videos out there on how to RUN D&D, there's very little on the culture of monsters, ways to use them in combat, how to portray gods in many different ways beyond the traditional lore, and so on.

D&D Legendlore YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbvNkJU0BvIBmnK-Y4LMTrw
Legendlore Twitter to Vote on Videos: https://twitter.com/legendl0re

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