Spelljammer Legends of the Multiverse, tonight! See Spelljammer in action.

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I crit!
I missed the first bit and tuned in when Deborah Ann Woll (sp?) said something like “who’s the hottest person near me?”

I really hope the context doesn’t make that as cringey as it sounded out of context.
Well… I could tell that they had a thorough session zero though. At least I think I could.


Reeks of Jedi
Clearly you don't know what Kender are. Childlike view/wonder, kleptomaniacs but not thieves as far as they're concerned. Where the heck are you getting halfling from?

I’ve been reading about Kender for almost 30 years. You?

She has an object she’s had since childhood. That’s abnormal for a Kender, but possible.

She seems to have take the “childlike” aspect of Kender to mean “acts like a child” as opposed to having a curious and innocent view of the world.

She actively wanted to steal things. And a Kender worth their topknot would never “steal” and would be offended if told they had.

She seems to enjoy others suffering (the drink that pleaded to her for its life).

She has several scalpels but no pouches.

She’s more playing a 2 year old on a rampage than a Kender.

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