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Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

I noticed that with Stein only half of Firestorm there are actually no metahumans on this team, its all tech and reincarnation, although Hawkgirl may be a reincarnated meta-princess.
They probably have Hawkgirl growing her wings. To save them the problems of a silly-looking costume or having to prop wings to her back all the time. So they can just CG the wings on when needed.

Still, it'd be easy to work in other heroes. They've set-up Hourman already with the Mirakuru. And there's Katana in Arrow.

as to Snart, I do hope he doesnt get over exposed as an anti-hero, he's too good a foil for the Flash but I can see how he could be motivated to join these Legends...
Agreed, but there's only far they can take that before having him turn traitor or find redemption. It'd be for the best of they cut him loose after a season to return to plaguing the Flash.

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