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Let's Look At Alchemy In Pathfinder 2!



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Paizo's latest Pathfinder 2nd Edition blog post delves into the topic of alchemy. They've designed the basics, separating it from magic, and linking it to crafting. Alchemists can make bombs, elixirs, poisons, and tools. This follows up on the previous look at the Alchemist class.


  • Bombs -- the baselines for bombs are alchemist's fire, liquid ice, and bottled lightning; the bomb list also includes thunder stones and tanglefoot bags. These can be infused with level-based extra power using he alchemist's Advanced Alchemy class feature (e.g. by 11th level a bottled lightning bomb goes from 1d6 to 4d6 damage). Bombs remain useable for 24 hours.
  • Elixirs -- different to potions, in that they are non-magical. Bravo's Brew gives a bonus to WIL saves (and more so against fear). The most powerful elixirs are mutagens which transform characters dramatically, but with a drawback. The example is a lesser bestiall mutagen which gives you strength in exchange for clumsiness.
  • Poisons -- the draw sleep poison is featured. There's an action called Operate Activation, which you use to apply poisons to weapons (three actions are required), and the poison is delivered on a critical hit. Each poison has multiple stages.
  • Tools -- these include sunrods, smokesticks, and so on.


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When I try to imagine alchemy in a RPG world my mind thinks about the path of alchemy from "Mummy: Resurrection" and "Promethean: the created" (by White Wolf/Onyx Path), and a little piece from manganime "Full Metal Alchemist". Other times I imagine an alchemist archetype with incarnum/akasha magic, but with different colors of mana (or humours or alchemy elements) instead body chakras .

I guess the "new" alchemy doesn't need to be spell-like effects because now there is that new rule about resonance score for magic item.


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There was apparently a podcast that divulged more information (I don't have a link at the moment)

- Alchemical items have "levels" from 1 to 20
- Bombs were supposed to require two hands to use, but that's being changed to one hand

Also from the comments, PF2 will NOT use item weight, but a "bulk" system similar to Star finder.

Another comment is that alchemists can get more resonance, which is rather important because they need it to use magical items AND wield alchemy.
The start of day items, as you guys have guessed, are subsidized for a better rate if you can predict ahead of time which items you will need and make duplicates. Plus, the alchemist gets a class feature that adds extra resonance and scales,

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