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D&D General Let's talk about Domains, War, Leadership and Sundry


Downtime would be a large component of this type of game I think, though something like the Birthright domain turns could be the main component of domain management.

Then you could look at the different classes to look at different types of domains, some of which might depend on subclass. A thief and an assassin might have a similar guild. Strongholds and followers has 4 or 5 basic types of holdings and, I think, said that a barbarian's horde is essentially a mobile version of the fighter's keep.

I think a large component would be events, based largely on your location. Take over a domain in the centre of civilisation and you'd have different events from one on the borders of civilisation.

A good idea would be to look through the Rules Cyclopedia for each class's name level abilities for some ideas for types of holdings that they get and expand on that.

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