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Let's talk Virtual Tabletops!

Thomas Shey

I'm an actual developer and I find it easily 10x less productive than pretty much any scripting language. As far as releases go, yes I have seen the minor point releases. They're just that, VERY minor bug fixes and such. Even those come out with glacial slowness. Not to complain, it's OSS, but when I reviewed the code base my core conclusion was that it's pretty much a mess of huge proportions. Given that the rest of the world has moved on from desktop apps it just doesn't feel worth sorting out. There's a huge amount of really serious functionality there but the form factor just isn't compelling.

Given some of the change in functionality I've seen in the last two years, I'm afraid I'm not going to count the three full point releases as "minor", nor have any of the other people I know of who use it. And if other people want to be dependent on web apps, that's on them, but I have no interest in such whatsover.

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