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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition comes with a generous license which allows third party publishers to create and sell content compatible with the game. We took a moment to talk to some of them!

We maintain a list of the third party A5E products (that we know about) on the official tools site.


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A5E Designer and third-party publisher
Yes, do that! The more robust the 3PP ecosystem, the more people will see how well Level Up is supported, and the more people will be willing to give it a shot. A rising tide lifts all boats, so let's raise the tide!

I've got some gnomelore that a buddy of mine and I wrote up. I need to go thru and make sure it doesn't violate any of the terms for publication. It's mostly silly stuff that can be used in unexpected ways. I'm posting this here so that it will inspire me to get off my lazy duff and get it ready.

We've got our first bit of gnomelore up on DriveThruRPG: - The Exploding Trousers Co, LTD. - The Largest RPG Download Store!


We will be posting more FREE CONTENT shortly. I hope you enjoy a tiny glimpse into the secretive society of gnomes.

Those silly Gnomes at The Exploding Trousers Co, Ltd have done it again!
ExplodingTrousers Simple Rev4 transparent bkg2.png

We are happy to present 2 more astounding bits of esoterica from the depths of gnomish history. Please to enjoy our latest releases; All at the low-low price of FREE!

May we recommend for any Adventurer who dares to leave the comforts of hearth and home:

And for the more studious type:

Accept No Imitations!
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