Level Up (A5E) Level Up! Advanced Fifth Edition Pocket Edition Books? Are there any chances?


@Morrus: HI, I just bought via Bundle of Holding the main PDFs of Level Up!, and so far I really enjoy what I'm reading. I have just skimmed through the pdfs, but overall the general layout of the game seems to be better and more consistent, IMHO, than O5e, or at least it better suits to my tastes: I enjoy combat maneuvers, the specialties in the skill system, and the Characters Origins System. Are there any chances that A5e pocket edition versions of the core rulebooks will be published, just as Paizo does with PF, and as IIRIC, you did with W.O,I,N?
Many thanks and Keep up the great work: this is a system that I'd really like to support, when and If I can!

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