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Level Up Maneuver Cards Issues


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Sorry, I wasn't sure where to put this in the forums.

I did send an email to the admin email address 4 days ago, but haven't heard anything back.

Received the cards, (order 5210) but only received one copy, not the three copies I ordered.


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My goodness, this has been a saga. I guess my complaint is with GamesQuest rather than ENWorld but what a f**king cock up.

So after:
1. Never hearing back from ENWorld about the issue;
2. GamesQuest (the shipper) finally organised to send the missing items.

Now they claim the missing items were undeliverable (not that I ever got a shipping notice.....mmmmm)


The first item delivered just fine! And previous kickstarter content delivered just fine.

I have had no complaints with ENWorld and have backed a few of their Kickstarters without problem, but this is ridiculous.

Has anyone else had these kind of troubles with GamesQuest?


Staff member
Just saw your message here today.
Sorry you did not get a reply to your email. Our inbox in clear and nothing in our junk folder, so I apologise this did not reach us! Can I confirm the email was sent on 21st November? I'll look into our email to check it is working properly.
I can look into this for you and send you the outstanding two copies - is the postal address still the same?

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