[LFP][Online][5E][EST][SAT 5:30-9:30] Need Player for Ongoing Dungeon of the Mad Mage Campaign


I am running a Dungeon of the Mad Mage Campaign, and one of our players no longer has the time to commit to a regular D&D game. So we are looking for someone to join part way in.

We play Saturday nights from 5:30 until 9:00 or 9:30. We generally try to end around 9:00, but may push it if we are in the middle of something. We try to play every week, but it is assumed that we will take a week off each month based on people's schedules, and that often becomes two weeks. If it's going to be more than one week, we try to play with one person absent and another player running their character, to keep it to one week.

We are playing D&D Fifth Edition, but I have a lot of house rules here. Main things are 31 point buy with 16 for 12 points, no artificer, Lazer Llama alternate sorcerer and monk, multiclassing is allowed but limited. We are playing in my homebrew world, the Dome of Heaven. The main thing about this world is there are various homebrew races you can play, as there is huge racial diversity in the Dome. Most offical races are also available for players, but there are no elves (only half-elves) or variant humans.

The group is currently finishing up the third level out of twenty-one. This is a mega-dungeon, and it is a slow process. It has taken us about a year to finish three levels, and I am looking at ways to speed it up. You would be joining as an 8th level character. The group is mainly casual players with an Orc Peace Paladin, a Human Grave Cleric, and a Kobold Thief Rogue. You would either be joining on our last session this year (12/16) or the first session of next year (tentatively 1/6).

I am not a hugely expressive DM, but I am working on bring more narrative to the game, and I'm willing to roleplay with players who are into it. I'm a plots and combats kind of DM. The current group does not interface with plots very well, so I'm mainly trying to create an ecosystem in the dungeon and to keep the exploration and combat interesting.

We play on Roll20, with Discord for voice chat, no video chat. We currently have no background music or sound effects, but I am going to be trying out Syrinscape in the next couple of sessions, so that may change.

If you are interested, please post or DM me what you enjoy in an RPG (butt kicking, puzzles, acting, whatever), what sort of character you would make to fit into the group, and anything else you want to tell me. If you have any questions, you can ask them here or DM me.

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