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[LFP][Paid, but Free Though] 5e homebrew One Shot Mondays 8pm-12am Eastern Up to 4 slots open lv 4




I will be running a couple of one-shot adventures that will give you a feel for Syseria. Please feel free to join me for one free adventure.

This homebrew world is expansive and detailed, and I have almost an entire book of almost 300 pages written. This includes maps, adventures, classes, races, rich history and lore. It is not entirely complete, but there is plenty there to build characters and draw adventures from.
  • Seeking up to 4 more players
  • All core & 1st party accessories allowed; no UA or 3rd party
  • Fee: $10/session (e.g. $10/week) submitted via Paypal; 1st game session free
  • For $10/session you are getting: All core compendiums and many accessory compendiums. If I am missing one you need for your character I will buy it. 30+ years DM experience, started in 1989. Laid back, respectful, and inclusive atmosphere for all. Pro Roll20.
  • Expansive posttechnology world
  • High magic setting (for infrastructure, no difference for PC's), global communication, fast global travel, spacefaring
  • Players get (Core/homebrew) + 1st party supplements to build PC’s, no UA
  • Some House Rules Apply
  • Consent/accessibility: mostly rated R, normal dnd violence levels, fade to black or off-camera for taboo subjects, let me know what’s off-limits and I can accommodate you easily
  • Use Discord for Chat

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