Press Life in Bizol (Flowers and Ash) - A toolbox with 30+ encounters for DMs running a high fantasy urban setting


The toolbox showcased above bundles 7 neighborhoods, 30+ encounter and adventure ideas, and a few NPCs, items, and spells into 2 distinct city districts.

Hospilty is Bizol’s flowery district, a residential area filled with birdsong, children’s play, and fragrant winds. Its many quaint homes shelter large families that respect the city and contribute to its upkeep.

Ashencap is what remains of a cataclysm that destroyed Bizol's nobility, burring their riches in the now demon-infested fissures. Many died, though some souls stayed to haunt their ruined homes. Today, warm winds bring toxic ash from the underground, giving the district its current name.

If this interests you and you wish to explore further, checkout Life in Bizol - Flowers and Ash.

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