List of all RPG magazines

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This is actually a rather larger task than you imagine.. I collect (printed! I don't do pdf or ezine ones)) rpg magazines and zines, so far have anoute 4000 different isses.. if you have a look at my collection you can see how many there are.. I did start a sort of list thing that I was going to list all the contents.. but its extremly time consuming (read I have done a lot of it in a while:) you can find my collection lest here... use the little tabs down the bottom and go with the far right tab that says magazines.. there you will find a pretty good list of magazines... Brette:)


Anyone got any info on this one?

Average page count: 48
Frequency: Quarterly
Number of issues to date: ??
Price: 24.99 (for an issue mailed to you)
Subscription: charged only 2-3 weeks before receiving issue
Available in .pdf: no

Subject area/content: HarnMaster and HarnWorld
Website: Columbia Games: Wargames, Dixie, and Harn Roleplaying

I'ts more of a way to publish articles than a magazine.
Typically after initial publication to subscribers, most of the articles are available for sale in PDF from DriveThruRPG or RPGNow rather than from the Columbia Games site

Seems rather pricey for the content, but then I don't no much about Harn or this 'magazine'.

It's not really a magazine, per say. Instead it's a way to publish multiple articles together.
These articles are available separately after the initial publication (in print from Columbia Games, or in PDF from RPGNow or DriveThruRPG). The HarnQuest bundles don't usually have issue numbers, or any content that would link them as a magazine (letter column, editorials, etc).

Cost is 19.99, with the occasional double issue available. A double issue is, by the way, something like a kingdom module.

There use to be Harn magazines (Encyclopedia Harnica, HarnLore, Var-Hyvrak and Thonahexus); but all are now defunct.
Thonahexus was a free magazine and is available for download off

Hope this helps.


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For Tunnels and Trolls there is the free to download magazine Trollszine. Published at irregular intervals since 2010 , it is up to issue 7. It can be found on RPG Net or on Tunnels and Trolls dot com

T&T also had an excellent house magazine published by Flying Buffalo called Sorcerers Apprentice, which had 17 issues out between 1978 and 1982. The art and writing was of a high standard, including fiction by luminaries such as Karl Edward wagner (of Kane fame)


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I have a free ezine for 4e D&D. The first issue can be downloaded here for free:

4e Forever Issue #1

The second issue is in the works. I would love for you to link it here if you like. I put regular updates on my blog (link below).

Average page count: ~100
Frequency: irregularly
Number of issues to date: 1
Price: free
Subscription: no
Available in .pdf: only

Read more: Frothsof 4e


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Also for Runequest there were several magazines, many out of print

Wyrms Footnotes - the original Chaosium Gloranthan Runequest zine
Tales of the Reaching Moon - a very high quality fanzine, no longer being sold
Tradetalk - an origianlly German zine I believe that got an English translation. Still occasionally published.

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