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Listing Dungeon of the Mad Mage's Levels [UPATED with Character Levels]

Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage is due very soon (November 9th), and there have been numerous little previews, screenshots, and more which can be combined for a more comprehensive list of the dungeon levels. Here's the list as best I've been able to make out so far - all but a couple of levels, though some may be misread or misspelled!

1 - Dungeon Level (5th)
2 - Arcane Chambers (goblin bazaar, warring factions) (6th)
3 - Sargauth Level/Skullport (7th)
4 - Twisted Caverns (8th)
5 - Wyllowood (8th)
6 - Lost Level (9th)
7 - Maddgoth's Castle (9th)
8 - Slitherswamp (10th)
9 - Dweomercore (10th)
10 - Muiral's Gauntlet (11th)
11 - Troglodyte Warrens (11th)
12 - Maze Level (12th)
13 - Trobriand's Graveyard (Lava Children) (12th)
14 - Arcturiadoom (13th)
15 - Obstacle Course (death tyrant overseer and announcer) (13th)
16 - Crystal Labyrinth (roving Githyanki band) (14th)
17 - Seadeeps (mindflayer colony) (14th)
18 - Vanrakdoom (15th)
19 - Caverns of Ooze (mindflayer spelljammer captain) (15th)
20 - Runestone Caverns (16th)
21 - Terminus Level (16th)
22 - Shadowdusk Hold (17th)
23 - Mad Wizard's Lair (17th-20th)

This preview of the DM Screen has them all but I can't read a couple of them.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 14.20.38.png

This Fantasy Grounds screenshot also has some info, but again it's very lo-res. I've added what I can above, but might have misread some.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 14.28.09.png

Here's an older list of Undermountain Levels on the Forgotten Realms wiki. The dungeon seems to have been updated since this map, but has many levels in common. Also, see this older article over on WotC's website.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 15.30.07.png
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1 - dungeon level
2 - arcane chambers
3 - sargauth level
3b - Skullport
4 - twisted caverns
5 - wyllowood
6 - lost level
7 - maddgoth's castle
8 - slitherswamp
9 - dweomercore <-- edited
10 - mulral's gauntlet <-- clarified
11 - troglodyte warrens
12 - maze level
13 - trobriand's graveyards <-- checked FR Wiki for spelling
14 - (unsure, might be arcanadoom?)
15 - obstacle course
16 - Crystal labyrinth
17 - seadeeps
18 - (unsure, might be vaprakdoom?)
19 - caverns of ooze
20 - runestone caverns (near as I can make out anyway . . .)
21 - terminus level
22 - shadowdusk
23 - mad wizard's lair
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Well, that was fun
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Interesting. Level 4 says Skullport in the GM Screen and Twisted Caverns on the FG preview.

Oh wait, no. Skullport is 3.


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Edited my list. Noticed Skullport was on level 3, and that there was something like araneadoom that I had missed.


Per the adventure for stores #10 is Muiral's Gauntlet, #14 is Arcturiadoom and the rest you have are correct.

Also level #1 is suggested for 5th level characters, #2 for 6th, #3 for 7th, #4 & 5 for 8th, #6 & 7 for 9th, #8 & 9 for 10th, and each two after that are +1 level until you get to #23 which is suggested for L17-20 characters.


It would be interesting to see the design or play test notes on the higher pc level dungeon levels. How did dungeon level 22 and 23 play out and the overall 5e system. Our campaign is as level 10 and having fun and more curious than anything for my high level play feedback.


So glad Vanrakdoom is confirmed. One of my players is from House Moonstar so it was going to be a big deal as part of her family history.

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