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Hi all, just wanted to drop in and bump a Kickstarter being run by Kibblestasty, veteran homebrewer and creator of one of the more popular Alternate Artificer's around.

Kibbles is running his own campaign for Kibbles' Compendium of Craft and Creation, a 230+ page compendium of the best of his homebrew and more. The campaign was funded in the first three hours and has burned through it's first five stretch goals already. At present the volume is confirmed to include:
  • Two fully tested and published versions of Kibbles most popular classes: the Psion and the Inventor (commonly called "Kibbles' Artificer")
  • 12+ additional subclasses tying into the themes and mechanics of Psionics and Arcane Technology.
  • Items, spells, feats, monsters, character building tools for the new classes, and optional world building tools for integrating psionics and fantasy technology to your campaign
  • Kibbles' Crafting System - a new system to make the crafting process more involved and interesting: Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Enchanting (making wondrous items), and much more (everything from Cooking to Wand Whittling and Scroll Scribing!)
Stretch goals have already added: a Psionic and Artifice based Bestiary, additional Magitech Items and Psionic items, an Engineering Crafting Branch (build your own trebuchet), a pair of new race options (Half-Forged and a Psionic-based Race) and a set of Custom form-fillable PDF Character Sheets for the Psion, Inventor and Crafting system).

Future goals include: Foundry integration, a backer selected subclass, Printed Crafting Cards to use with the aforementioned crafting system, a "Kibbles Guide to Kibbles Content", 50+ pages of new content (a general expansion across all the above content) and a Digital Toolset for the crafting system.

The campaign still has 25 days to go and is already at over 900 backers.

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