Gamers Wanted! Local group in LEAVENWORTH KANSAS seeking PATHFINDER / Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 players for NEW Level 1 CAMPAIGN starting November 4th 2017


We are starting a NEW CAMPAIGN on THIS COMING Saturday for a (MERGED Pathfinder > Dungeons and Dragons 3.5) game set in the amazing world of KRYNN.
We are starting on the WAR OF THE LANCE campaign using ***Level 1*** characters (I am running a prequel before we get into the official book modules for 3.5).
ANYONE INTERESTED PLEASE CALL or TEXT me, Ryan Hall, at 913-890-3005 - OR EMAIL me at: prophetpx AT gmail DOT com

AND visit the Facebook group for HOUSE RULES and LOCATION information!
We begin play at 3 pm on Saturday, November 4th. Downtown Leavenworth KS

Visit and JOIN the Facebook Group if you are interested, to meet and see Player Members, and ALL DOCUMENTS (including driving directions and maps) which are HERE:

HOUSE RULES - part 1:

HOUSE RULES - part 2 (feats addendum):


I hope to meet some new players and make some new friends!

Group holes: WE NEED A CLERIC and a ROGUE and a WIZARD and more fighters cannot hurt either.