ZEITGEIST Logos, William Miller and The sacrament


My group has just completed Act 1 (I will start chronicling their exploits with Act 2 here, I think) and some will be Prestiging.

I have one PC who is just in a very unique position, to where it is almost as if he was intended for this campaign, it's been great.

When I read the early material of Zeitgeist, devas were Aasimars. I thus allowed him to play an Aasimar, not realizing the change. I've decided to just run with it anyway. He's an eschatologist, an orphan found by a member of the Clergy and raised in their temples, an oracle and has grown very disillusioned with the Clergy, especially after discovering the angel in the vault, thanks to blood biography. The amount of betrayals that's happened - McBannin, Saxby - and then the radical eschatologicist movement have caused this same disillusion to extend to basically every one since all that he has believed is crashing around him.

Now, in the flavor text for the Logos there is some great stuff, and he's going to prestige into it. Given the book that Coppenhoff found was written by Miller and it seems that this book is actually the source of the logos power, would this be a version of the Sacrement of Apotheosis? It seems that it essentially brings faith into reality.

Thus, would Nicodemus essentially possess these same powers that a Logos would? Is there a connection between the Sacrement and the book Coppenhoff found, or was that just flavor? If just flavor then in running I can make a connection, but was just curious. Seems like a fun little detail that was mostly hidden and having this PC essentially buy into the same philosophy of Nicodemus and sort of parallel with him is something I'm looking forward to.
I'm too full and drunk on Thanksgiving to answer this. If I don't answer by Saturday, remind me.

But Nicodemus doesn't have Logos powers, at least not in how I designed him in adventures 9 and 13.


You could give Nicodemus whatever powers you want, he's lived so many lives at this point. To quote his stat block from Adventure 8:

"Bespoke Villain (Ex): Nicodemus has a mish-mash of powers and abilities from multiple
classes, having trained as a monk, with a smidge of bard, then wizard, and so on.
Just go with it, and don’t worry how he learned all this stuff."

That being said, Bill Miller/Nicodemus is a philosopher, wants to create an Age of Reason, and the Logos PrC is based off of his works - seems totally in line with his character and the loose rules in how he's built mechanically to give him the Logos powers if that's how you want to go with it.

On a side note, in my campaign (although the players don't yet realize it) Aasimar are the offspring of a Deva.