Release Loke Battlemats: Calendar! Doors! Adventures! And... Insults!


Loke Battle Mats sure got busy... :D

"Calendar of Many Adventures : 2024" Available now retail. Loke Battle Maps as a calendar, plus free PDF adventures for them. review: Review of Calendar of Many Adventures: 2024 - RPGnet RPG Game Index

"Big Box of Dungeon Doors" To be released to retail. Acrylic 1" wide doors for your battle maps, boardgames, and dungeons!
Project updates: Community | Big Box of Dungeon Doors - BackerKit

"Deck of Many Insults" Soon on Backerkit! "The last time I saw a face like that, I felt sorry for the zombie!"
Backerkit: Get Ready for Deck of Many Insults

"Whispers of Darkness - The Chalice Chronicles 5E Adventures" KS date TBA. Adventures for various Loke Battle Maps maps!


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Deck of Many Insults has started!
Funding reached on the first day!

Backers in the first 48-hours will receive '100 Dumb Ways to Die, in a TTRPG' PDF


Loke Battle Mats’ Deck of Many insults is a deck of 100 cards of witty and sharp put downs, vicious mocks, insults and comebacks. Perfect for scoring a cutting verbal victory and spicing up your RPG table banter.

Beautifully illustrated, these cards will mean you are never left speechless or short of a vicious mock, and you can deliver the perfect line with style.

Back now for exclusive rewards and pricing!

This Backerkit crowdfunding campaign also includes a digital version of the Deck of Many Insults, laid out as a random roll table. And if you need more rudeness in your RPGs there is a “Rude Roll Tables” PDF which includes cheeky place names, NPC names, magic items, spells and more, all laid out as handy roll tables.

Publisher advisory – excessive use of needlessly strong language. Some knowledge of anatomy required


As well as our Deck of Many Insults we're creating a crude & rude package of PDF roll tables all with an RPG twist!

Naughty NPC Names
Cheeky Spells
Amusing magic items

With a roll of the dice you can add some spice and flavor to your table!

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