D&D General Lolth Miniature Coming In February 2022

WizKids will be selling a Lolth miniature in February 2022 for $69.99. The mini is a D&D/Magic the Gathering tie-in.


From Wizkids/NECA. Join the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms! The famous Dungeons & Dragons setting comes to the Magic: The Gathering world for the first time! To celebrate this epic pairing WizKids is releasing two prepainted miniatures sets and a premium pre-painted figure. Collect iconic heroes such as Drizzt Do`urden, Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and many more. Are you brave enough? Gather your party to face down the Dark Queen of the web herself, Lolth, the Spider Queen!
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I never thought to picture her like that... put normal dwo legs on her instead of drider/spider ones and she would be hot...

did I miss this in the art?


Some of the older depictions I've read were basically a spider with a female drow elf face. This is a bit more intimidating, though I guess I always preferred the lore that drider forms were cursed "gifts" for those who displeased lolth, that horrified the drow themselves.


I've seen this a couple places around the web today, but I haven't seen what I'd call a "primary source". How did people find out about this? Was there an announcement? I can't find a link anywhere. (Sorry if I'm being dumb and missed it)

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