Lone Wolf Game Books back in print!

John Lloyd1

I think I am in a bit of a funk about these choose your own path adventures like Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy. I have had Bloodbones (Fighting Fantasy) sitting around half finished for a couple of years. It seems you have to be extremely lucky to get a character through the half way mark.

I remember trying to play the first Lone Wolf being unable to get through the first series of fights.

I love the idea, I just wish the maths worked better.

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It's interesting how different the UK illustrations look! The German ones seem closer to the US illustrations.



I don't know why I took a photo with the books ordered 3-1-2, but as a fun fact, Caverns of Kalte was the first book I read and for ages afterwards, I was prejudiced against Hunting as being useless, when it's now always in the top three I take. :)


Oh, do you have the US editions? Mine are UK editions I picked up in the mid 90s.

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I back filled some of my collection. I thought I had them all but when I moved house a year ago and found some shelf space to display them I found some gaps.



(I stopped after the books moved away from Lone Wolf to the New Kai Order)

After having played 1 and 2 this time I think I must have started in book 3 back in the day. Cash was much tighter back then so presumably I didn’t go looking for the earlier books after picking up #3.
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I'm ecstatatic!
I never managed to finish the 2007 Collector's Edition, this is so awesome!

From the Magnamund Shop
In 2007, the Collector's Editions were released by Mongoose Publishing, going through three publishers before ending up with Joe Dever himself under Holmgard Press, which issued the long-awaited 29th book, The Storms of Chai, in 2015. Ben Devere took over Holmgard Press following his father's death, and since then has been completing the Collector's Editions, beginning with book 23, Mydnight’s Hero, in 2017.

The new Definitive Edition books do not match this old format. The Collector's Edition design was 'locked-in' by Mongoose in 2007. Holmgard Press added flourishes - such as a dust jacket with a panoramic map - but our focus now is on the improved, larger Definitive format.


The first posthumous Lone Wolf books - written by Joe Dever's son Ben and collaborator Vincent Lazzari - were prepared using extensive notes and hours of dictation taken from Joe in the weeks leading up to his passing. These First Edition books are currently only available in the smaller Collector's Edition format - for fans looking to complete their Collector's Edition sets (or eager to read the stories). But these titles - along with every book in the Lone Wolf series - will be made available in the larger, superior Definitive format in due course.

New readers are advised to purchase the Definitive Edition books, with the opportunity to create a complete, matching set.

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