Release Long Road to Redemption updated to Clement Sector 3e!

Long Road to Redemption has been updated to Clement Sector 3e!

Those of you who purchased the 2e version PDF should have have the new version already in your DTRPG library or is available for a free download on our webstore.

If you haven't purchased this adventure, now is the perfect time to do it. It is currently available as a PDF on both Drive-thru RPG and the Independence Games webstore. You can pre-order the softcover print version on out webstore as well!

IG Webstore (PDF):

IG Webstore (Softcover):


The print version will be available at DTRPG soon as well.

Assistance requested...

In this two-part campaign adventure now updated for Clement Sector Third Edition, the characters are asked to take some unusual cargo from Boone in Sequoyah Subsector to Dashwood in Dade Subsector. No problem there, right? Just a standard run.

Then when the characters arrive at Dashwood they are asked for assistance from two stranded men in desperate need of assistance. Can they help? Will they help? And will helping these two men open a can of worms that may lead to a violent end?

This adventure includes five pre-generated characters (though the adventure could be used with as many as nine players), stats and deckplans for the Lee-class merchant MV Coltrane's Opus, and full system information for the new colony of Pisgah (known to most as CXA-410c).

Can you provide assistance?

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