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2000AD Look to the Stars


Well, that was fun
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Owen Krysler Returns!​

Before we launch into this week's blog, if you haven't caught the news over on our social media pages, the hugely anticipated Rogue Trooper compendium of adventures is now available! Head over to our web store to pick up the pdf and preorder the print copy if you haven't already done so. With that out of the way - if that isn't exciting enough - we have news of another Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD hitting our store in the not-too-distant future. Yes, that's right, the search for Owen Krysler will soon get underway as the Judge Child supplement launches into the stars (and your cart!).


If you're a fan of Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD and 2000 AD in general, the premise of this supplement will likely be familiar to you. If not, however, we ran a series of blog posts covering the basics of the story line from when it first appeared in the comics. The posts also provide an insight into exactly what you can expect within this sourcebook.


Written by Andrew Peregrine, Ben Rogers and John White, the Judge Child supplement is much more than a love letter to the epic saga that appeared in the comics, for it serves to truly open up the normally Earth-bound games familiar to Judge PCs into one of interstellar scope.


With the Judge Child sourcebook supplementing your games, you'll be able to travel to any number of alien and colony worlds, embark on exciting new adventures and boldly go... uh, bring the Law to unexplored planets across the galaxy. Make sure to stay tuned for the launch date, citizen!


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John R White

Will there be any coverage of the Mutant from City of the Damned?
The Stats for Krysler in The Judge Child supplement just concentrate on his abilities at the time of Dredd's mission to find him in 2102. Hopefully a future supplement will present material based on City of the Dead along with bonus content looking at using time travel in Judge Dredd and the Worlds of 2000AD.

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