D&D 5E Looking for an “on the road” adventure, any recommendations?


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I find myself having to run an impromptu adventure for half of my group since the other half can’t make it to session 1 and I don’t want to cancel a second time in a row. Since my planned adventure start had the PCs meeting at a caravanserai they were all independently invited to, I figured I could pad out the start for the half of the group that can make it by having them encounter trouble on the road to the place they’re supposed to meet. I figure I can get at least a few good hours of play out of a bandit attack and pursuit type scenario. But if anyone knows of any one-session on-the-road type adventures I could mine for quick inspiration, I would love to hear recommendations, otherwise this is going to be a 100% improvised session. Playing tomorrow evening (December 30th), so any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.
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Lord of the Hidden Layer
Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the whole chapter about caravan-ning from Balders Gate to Waterdeep. You might use the NPC characters more than the plot / sideplots. (Although the Peryton attack would make a good one-shot.)


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Well, turns out two of the other three players had to cancel tonight (they had a very good reason though!), so I didn’t end up needing this after all. Still, good to have some travel encounters in the back pocket anyway.

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