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Gamers Wanted! Looking for diverse group of new to D&D players for stream/podcast - 5e D&D


New and Old School DM
Hi There! My name is DMSamuel and I am a long time DM and RPG blogger - you may have seen my little website (RPGMusings.com) or heard my voice on the Tome Show Podcast.

I'm trying to build a new-to-D&D group for online play that is going to be streamed. The idea is that new players learn to play D&D and after each session we discuss the rules, the choices the players made, the choices the DM made, and pretty much anything else the players want to talk about. I'm looking for a diverse group of players who are new to 5e D&D and would like to be part of a livestreamed game (also released as a podcast). If you or anyone you know is interested in such an idea, please spread the word & point them to this questionnaire:

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