Looking for eTools datasets (Revised)


I have quite a few, but there are a couple that I don't have that I desperately want as eTools is the program that our group uses when we do D&D.

The specific ones that I want most are:

Drow of the Underdark
Complete Soundrel
Possibly MiC

But any others that I don't have a copy of would be nice too.

Specifically, I am looking for these for 3.5 for the 1.666 (final) version of eTools. I honestly wish I could still purchase these through a legit channel as I did buy my original copy of eTools, but as that isn't possible, I'm hoping someone might have what I'm looking for and is willing to share.

So I almost forgot I had posted this. I've since figured out why I cannot find these particular datasets. The first two books were both printed in 2007 which was after the license was pulled by WotC so I am inclined to believe that datasets for them don't exist. So instead I have a new request in this effect.

I would like help and instruction in possibly making a very small data patch to add a few of the features from these books into eTools myself if that's possible. It looks like the program can do sql based patches, but I really don't know for sure. Mostly I just want to make a template for an ACF that removes class features as well as adds something. (Something that the house rules option just doesn't allow as is)

Adding in Skill Tricks would also be good, but I could accomplish that through a "Filler skill" and record them elsewhere easy enough.
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Unfortunately…...This program was killed by WotC when 4th ed came out. The Complete Scoundrel and several other books are not available to buy but with some understanding and many countless hours spent trying to intergrade the class features in the data base I've been able to input most of the classes and other info into the program...


Hero lab might be a better tool for 3.5 character gen and you can create any custom content easily and share it with your group