Looking for GMs and Players of all TTRPGs for an online community to build a pool of regulars for many games!


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We have an active Discord server which is a central base of Players and GMs who have come together and play/GM games of all sorts. All game systems are welcome from “mainstreams” like D&D to games like MotW & Blades, even small indies and 1 pagers!

We are looking for ACTIVE players and GMs who want to be part of and help grow a thriving community with lots of active and fun games going on all the time so DMs and players always have a pool to play and run games from!

All DM software/systems are welcome (Roll20, D&D Beyond, Tabletop Sim etc).

We are especially keen to have players looking for games other than D&D 5E or to try something different for a change or people who would like to just try something different.

We have people in our group from all over the world (mostly US, Canada, UK, Europe & Australia) of varying ages and have games going in many time zones. For example, I'm one of the DMs/Admins, a Scottish guy in my late 40s and my wife (another admin) is a little older and from California, but we live in Texas.

We have a core base of players and DMs on the server and we are looking to grow and expand with more games.
As a “staff” GM we will set up a voice and text channel for you. You are free to run your game under any house rules you see fit, we just ask you make it clear to players beforehand and abide by the fair play rules of the server (pretty much common sense and this also applies to players).

We are also very LGBTQIA+ friendly. Same goes for color, nationality, age etc. We do not tolerate hate speech or toxicity in any way. We are brought together by our commonalities and enriched by our differences.

We have Community Game Nights (Party & Browser games so everyone can join in), regular video games, movie nights, music club, a library of free open source TTRPG games & content and many other sections as we know people have other interests as well 😊

We would love to meet you and have a chat and would welcome you to come join us at The Adventurer’s Pack Inn!

Join the The Adventurer's Pack Inn Discord Server!

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