D&D General Looking for low Level, short and fun Dungeon (Theme old Ruins under a Forest)


As the title says .. I am looking for a fun and short (is only a Sidetrack) low Level Dungeon. The Theme should be old Ruins (Castle, City,..) that are now under a Forest.

The Level is not that important (they are 3rd at the moment), this is usually adaptable as long as it fits thematically to low level Gameplay.

Many thanks in Advance for your suggestions. :)

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"The Hole in the Oak" might fit what you're looking for. It's made for Old School Essentials, but should be easily adaptable for d&d. You'll have to search for the title on DrivethruRPG. I can't link it for some reason.


The Sunless Citadel is actually one of the few one that I have though of. But I would modify that to play without the second level. By that point it got too long and the rooms where quite boring there as far as I remember from the early 3E days. :)

By the way I thought of one other ... the Eyes of the Stone Thief (13th Age). The Living Dungeon devours whole towns, so there are some areas in there that would fit greatly. But I would have to adapt them a bit more since the more interesting ones where quite high level ones.

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