Looking for players, IRL, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG (Game of Thrones) Sacramento


Queen Daenerys is dead. The Iron Throne reduced to molten slag. King Bran the Broken rules the six kingdoms of Westeros from the ashes of Kings Landing. Queen Sansa rules the restored Kingdom of the North from the ruins of Winterfell.

Hunger and strife spread through the north like the winds of winter. The Wall is breached. Jon Snow is exiled. The Nights Watch is fractured. They must needs choose a new Lord Commander or collapse into anarchy and infighting.

Broken tribes of Wildlings, bands of outlaws and roaming camps of lawless Dothraki spread discord, famine and unrest. House Bolton, Karstark and Mormont are no more. Lords and knights who were once summoned to the north under banners of war for Robb Stark, King Stannis or The Vale now seek favor with the young queen vying for lands and titles.

Red priests of R'hllor, foreign mercenaries, merchants and mysterious envoys of every sort seek audience in her court.

Intrigue, adventure and terror awaits you. Form your house. Secure your plans. When you play the Game of Thrones you win or you die.

Dates and times to be determined. Experience with the rules is not required. Send a raven with any questions to: crowsontheskulls@gmail.com


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