Looking for Players STAR FRONTIERS Online [LFG]


System: STAR FRONTIERS Alpha Dawn

About: Come join us as we blast off into space in search of high adventure!
I'm looking for mature, laid back, fun players, ages 20+for an online Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn game, occasional 1- or 2-shot adventures. The idea is to have a blast playing this great game, and leave politics/activism/etc. out of it.

House rules have greatly expanded the skill choices, added critical hits, combat armor, new weapons, and some new playable races.

I've been gaming and GMing various systems for 44 years, have been published 3 times in Dungeon and started my own small RPG publishing company. My games are a mix of action, adventure, explorations, role-playing, and mystery, with plenty of visual aids. Star Frontiers is a blast, come join us!

Time: Saturday or Sunday afternoons, Eastern time USA.

Platform: Foundry VTT (free for players), Discord for audio

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