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Looking for reviewers and input


For the past three years or so I've been working on developing a fantasy RPG with both a unique setting and system. Called the Third Kingdom after the realm of mortals, it is a point-buy, classless system with a moderate amount of crunch. I am currently in the second draft phase and the most recently edited .pdf can be found at thirdkingdomgame.com. I hope to send this draft to the press at the beginning of March for final editing and playtesting purposes. If anyone has any interest you can also contact me at thirdkingdom@yahoo.com.
By "crunchy" I meant as opposed to "rules-lite". While the rules are detailed and comprehensive the mechanics behind the rules are quite simple, requiring only one or two d10. The system is similar to Unisystem, although I was unaware of it when I designed the Third Kingdom; roll d10 and add the result to an Attribute score, level, and skill Rank to get a total. The effects of a success (or failure) are based on the difference between total and target number, so there is no need to roll for damage, duration, etc. The reduction in variability also creates the need to "build" totals to achieve some target numbers, so there is a means, for instance, to increase a total by spending additional time on a task, working in synthesis with others, etc.
The "goal" is similar to other FRPGs in that it is intended to be a world ripe for exploration and can support different types of play, from dungeon crawling to politics. All in all it tends to be less combat oriented than some other FRPGs with more social type skills and abilities; I wanted to create a game where it would be fairly easy to create standard fantasy archetypes as well as replicate characters from novels that don't easily fit into certain tropes (such as the D&D classes).
The world is one where magic, or plasm, is omnipresent and infuses all things. So, all characters have a certain amount of magical energy and the potential to use plasm (with proper Talent selections). Spellcasting is flexible and detailed, with the ability to cast either "known" spells or weave plasm into whatever effect is desired. That being said, there is a logic to the magic system; you cannot simply create something out of nothing, for instance. A spell to "create" water, therefore, would have to have some means of bringing it to the caster, whether by pulling it up from the water table or condensing moisture in the air.
I am most pleased, I think, with how both the magic and combat systems have turned out.
The .pdf at Third Kingdom Games - Home is still in the editing phase and has not been formatted, art is yet to be added to fill blanks, and those yellow highlighted areas are to remind me to insert page numbers or other errata as I proof.



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