SF Looking for sci fi maps and tiles


My group is currently playing a D20 Future scifi campaign, and I've been looking around for some good looking scifi maps and dungeon tiles. However, I haven't been able to find many, and those that I did find were not drawn very well (or are very rusty and/or bloody, which doesn't fit a normal scifi campaign). I'm looking for something of the quality of D&D's dungeon tiles, but for scifi. Or drawn in a top down perspective like rooms in the boardgame Betrayal at House on the Hill. I know Starfinder has a couple of scifi battle map that look alright, but they aren't as modular as dungeon tiles are. I want to be able to create my own layouts for spaceships and starbases from modular pieces. I also wouldn't mind printing out a set of digital tiles, as long as it looks good.

Has anyone found something like this for their scifi campaigns?


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Modern and sci-fi maps are harder to get that fantasy ones, but there are some around.

I get all the Starfinder ones. There's tons of them now - they do a new one every month, I think. Spaceships, alien planets, hospitals, sci-fi streets, nightclubs, docking bays, all sorts of things.

The Big Book of Sci-Fi Battlemaps is awesome. Comes in two sizes; the Giant Book opens out to poster-size.