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Looking for three players (LFP) in Aurora, Colorado



Looking for three players in Aurora, Colorado:

I am currently soliciting for three new players in the Southeast Aurora/Denver area (Near the Aurora reservoir). I've got 40+ years experience DM'ing D&D campaigns. My wife and I moved to the Denver/Aurora area eighteen years ago, and we've been playing/running a 3E campaign since then.

The campaign is version 3.5 D&D, Forgotten Realms, with some house rules. If you'd like to get some idea of how I run the campaign / how it's going so far, visit my web site: Rob's World! D&D Campaign < Rob's World! 3E D&D Campaign> (p.s. I'm not selling anything). The D&D/FRP materials should give you some insight into my campaign/DM'ing style. I don't use all the house rules listed at my web site (I am using the ones listed in the 3rd edition sections). See Rob's World! House Rules <https://www.robsworld.org/3ehsrls.pdf> for all the house rules.

The current campaign has been running since Jan 1st, 2003, and the characters are currently 12th level. Any new characters would enter the game at 1st level, as we're right on the verge of a campaign reset. It may take a while to finish the adventure, so I would ask you to play one of the existing 12th level characters until we complete the current adventure. Note that our campaign has a long arc. Don't expect advancement after every/every other session. It usually takes more than a year to complete an adventure.

The campaign runs/meets every other Saturday, from 1600-2200. No evil play/characters permitted - Our campaign is looking for Heroes, not opportunists or players who aren’t willing to play within a group social setting - It’s Face-To-Face D&D, not an MMORPG. (Our next meeting is 7 Sep, 2019).

If you're interested in joining our 3.5 edition Forgotten Realms campaign (adults only please), please send me an email to: gamers aht robsworld dot org. With a new player the group will consist of seven players and one DM (me).

- Robert

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