5E Looting Monsters?


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I allow it, but:

1. I enforce encumbrance rules

2. It is not "treasure": You don't get XP for the GP value of the sold items

For those scratching their heads or taking umbrage at these two points:

For point one: we use D&D Beyond, so tracking encumbrance is pretty easy. But it is enough of a hassle that they generally do not want to bother. That said, they've recently been building up a stronghold and have been stocking it with better quality items they've recovered and lesser quality items for their blacksmith. Increasingly, however, it is becoming inconvenient and not worth the hassle so they just leave that stuff behind.

For point two: we are using a rule of XP for extracted treasure. Coins are worth 1 XP per GP just by getting it back to their stronghold. Other treasure must be sold for XP, but common items and magic items are not worth XP.

So, generally, they will now only keep items that are either worth a lot of GP per pound OR are personally useful to them. So not only does most mundane gear other than ammunition get left behind, but they'll leave copper pieces, sometimes silver, or valuable but bulky/heavy items.

Our current campaign is Rappan Athuk, a mega dungeon.