Lore Masters and Updates to the Pathfinder Society

Paizo is partnering with Lore Masters Studios Inc. and some Pathfinder Society: Year Five rules updates.

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Paizo and Lore Masters Studios Inc Partnership​

In a press release this morning, Paizo announced that they will be partnering with Lore Masters Studio Inc. to bring the rules and lore into a mobile trivia game. Pathfinder: Lore Masters is set to launch in October on both iOS and Android. This game promises to be an engaging and entertaining way to help new and veteran players increase their knowledge of the rules and lore of Golarion.

For more information, you can visit Lore Masters' site.

Pathfinder Society: Year Five Rules Update​

There are a few updates that will be made effective August 3, 2023, just in time for Year 5 to begin!
  • The changeling versatile heritage is now freely available. As well as the tengu and ratfolk ancestries.​
  • In preparation for their inclusion in the upcoming Pathinder Player Core book, the tiefling and aasimar versatile heritages are freely available to all players.​
  • Boons for all of the above options will be removed from the Boon Store on August 3. If you have previously purchased those boons, you will have a free use of the resurrection ritual to those characters.​
  • The geniekin versatile heritage will be reduced to 40 Achievement Points. This boon will include the talos and ardande heritages from Pathfinder Rage of Elements.​
There were also a couple of changes to the Retail Incentive Program.
  • Adding a new "heroic" tier, unlocked with a table spend of $100 or more.
  • Altering or replacing boons that reduce the gold cost of healing. Those benefits will not primarily use Achievement Points.
  • Making the benefits more versatile and slightly more useful.
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