5E Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign recaps (2019)


So I began a new starter set campaign with new players. All but one had never played D&D before, and he'd only played 12th+ to 20th level DnD, which is way out of my preferred scope of gaming. Anyway, this was new for him too, low level D&D and a bit of a learning curve. We are 13 sessions in now and I will post these sporadically as we advance. I thought this was a good head-start on the recaps. I think this second delve into Phandelver is better than the first, partly because I know the game better after 5 years and partly I know the adventure better and can foreshadow events and NPCs. I still think this is one of the best D&D introductory adventures ever put out. I can't wait to see how it ends...

Session #1 - A Goblin Ambush & Goblin Cave



Good fun. Is it just me, or are you playing on reversed versions of the maps? It's a while since I played this one, but my memory seems to be backwards.


You are putting a great amount of depth into this. I'm enjoying reading this being done well.
Thanks Rabbit. I really love this adventure, it's been a pleasure running it a second time. I'm adding some stuff from Icespire Essentials, so it's longer than the default starter set.
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