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5E Lost Mine of Phandelver (OOC)


Any of them sound fine, but Yusuf would give us two slightly mad caster types when set next to Garuk. Not impossible, but just a thought. I like Mina or Joy the best.
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I'm just going to use the dwarven cleric from the starter set, though I may play around with some skills when I get the phb in front of me. His name will be Prophet.



added a little bit of Background story for Treygar. I'd like some ideas on how to tie his Outlander(bounty hunter) background into the module in some way--as I haven't come up with anything satisfactory.


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All, I'll be looking over characters soon...ish with an eye toward getting the IC thread started either this coming weekend or the Monday after.


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added a little bit of Background story for Treygar. I'd like some ideas on how to tie his Outlander(bounty hunter) background into the module in some way--as I haven't come up with anything satisfactory.
The module or tied into other character backgrounds? Cause we could probably help there :D


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Oh and hi everyone! Kira, both of our characters are posted, when you are ready to read them. :)


added a little bit of Background story for Treygar. I'd like some ideas on how to tie his Outlander(bounty hunter) background into the module in some way--as I haven't come up with anything satisfactory.
He could be working a bounty for someone that's in the Redbrands gang in Phandalin??


I'll try to put something up tomorrow- either Mina or a half-elf Fighter (MC to Bard). Extra work hours have been kicking my butt.


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Okie dokie.

All, I will be giving [MENTION=48394]pathfinderq1[/MENTION] and [MENTION=23298]industrygothica[/MENTION] another couple of days to get their characters posted in the RG, then I'll be going over everyone's characters. I'm hoping to get started in a week or so.
[MENTION=62721]MortalPlague[/MENTION] and anyone else waiting in the wings, try to have a character ready to go so you can jump right in if/when someone drops for whatever reason.


Mina of Silverbrook- IN PROGRESS

Here is my working draft for Mina- still need to polish up final details (Spells, gear, etc.) and finish typing the rest of the background. For what it is worth, her mysterious "Grandmother" is a Baba Yaga-esque fey entity, and will be her warlock patron when she MCs.

Gwendyllin Arimina Brightstar, AKA Mina of Silverbrook

[sblock= Game stats and mechanics]
>Race/Gender: Half-elf; Female
Class/Level: Bard 1/Warlock 0
Alignment: CG
Type (subtype): Humanoid (half-elf)
Size: Medium
Initiative: +3
Speed: 30 feet
Senses: Darkvision 60’
Passive Perception: 13

>Hit points: 9 (8 +1 CON)
>AC: 14 (11/Leather; +3 DEX)
>Saves: DEX, CHA

>Melee: Dagger +5; 1d4+3
>Ranged: Short bow +5; 1d6+3
>Spell: Vicious mockery; WIS save (DC 13) or take 1d4 psychic damage and have Disadvantage on next attack roll before end of their next turn.

STR 8 (-1)/Save -1
CON 12 (+1)/Save +1
DEX 16 (+3)/Save +5
INT 12 (+1)/Save +1
WIS 12 (+1)/Save +1
CHA 16 (+3)/Save +5

>Trait 1: There is nothing I like more than a good mystery.
>Trait 2: No one could doubt by looking at my regal bearing that I am a cut above the unwashed masses.
>Ideal: (Self-improvement) The goal of a lifetime in study is the betterment of oneself.
>Bond: I would do anything to earn the respect of my family, especially my dear “Grandmother”.
>Flaw: Some day my curiosity is probably going to get me killed- and probably some other people too...

Skills and Languages:
Acrobatics +3
Animal handling +1
*Arcana +3
Athletics -1
Deception +3
*History +3
Insight +1
Intimidation +1
*Investigation +3
Medicine +1
*Nature +3
*Perception +3
*Performance +5
*Persuasion +5
Religion +1
Sleight of hand +3
Stealth +3
Survival +1

Languages: Common, Elvish, +Sylvan, +Draconic, +Goblin

Tools: 3 musical instruments (small harp, dulcimer, flute)

Racial features (Half-elf):
>Size: Medium; Base speed 30 feet
>Languages: common, Elvish, +1 bonus (Goblin)
>Darkvision 60’
>Fey ancestry: Can’t be put to sleep by magic; has Advantage on saving throws vs. Charm effects
>Skill versatility: Gain proficiency in two extra skills (Performance, Nature)
>Ability score increase: +2 CHA, +1 to two other stats (DEX; INT)

Class features (Bard):
>Proficiencies: Light armor; Simple weapons, Hand crossbow, Longsword, Rapier, Shortsword; Any three musical instruments; Any three skills; DEX and CHA saves
>Cantrips known: (2) Prestidigitation, Vicious mockery
>Level 1 spells known: (4) Healing word, Sleep, Detect magic (R), Comprehend languages (R)

Background features (Sage):
>Specialty: Researcher (Historical epics, especially about magic)
>Feature: Researcher
>Skill proficiencies: Arcana, History
>Languages: Any two (Draconic, Sylvan)

>Leather armor
>Simple weapon (short bow)
>Scholar’s pack
>Musical instrument (small harp)
>20 arrows

[sblock= Description and history]

Description: The elvish side of Mina’s heritage is clearly visible in her slender build, her sparkling green eyes, and her gently pointed ears. She is a bit under average height, with pale skin and lustrous gold-tinged red hair that she usually wears in a single thick braid. She typically prefers to wear clothing of red, gold, or purple in simple fabrics and comfortable style- but of impeccable quality. She wears a single small dagger at her waist, and carries a small bow that seems more suited to target shooting than to war. She also carries a light backpack and a sturdy leather harp-case.

History: Mina was born into a minor noble family in Cormyr. While the Brightstar family had a long history in that proud nation, they were a relatively minor power in terms of courtly politics- they were more well-known for arcane talent, and a noticeable trace of elven ancestry; one of their more common claims to fame is that there was a Brightstar (Sir Cyrus) among the very first War Wizards. In Mina’s case, she seemed to have more elven blood than anyone in several generations of her family- but she was also the seventh child and, in fact, the seventh daughter. With so many older sisters, it was clear that her family’s rather meager wealth and political resources would hardly be able to secure an advantageous marriage for her, so she was groomed for a life of scholarship. She was raised mostly on her family’s rural estate, far from the trials of court. Most of the time, Mina was all-but forgotten by the majority of her family- she had her tutors, and the run of the estate, but the rest of the family spent most of their time at court so she hardly ever saw them. In truth, she did not mind- she had her tutors and her books, after all. At an early age, she also demonstrated a talent for music, so her parents paid for an instructor in the bardic arts as well- as a trained bard, even an unmarriageable “surplus” daughter could be quite a boon to the family.
One day, in her 12th year, she was wandering through the woods of the family estate when she came upon a strange grove of trees- doubly strange, in fact. First of all, because she had walked that path a hundred times before and didn't remember this particular place, and second because while the rest of the forest was in the last traces of autumn this grove was still in the full blossom of early summer. Within the grove was a small cabin of sorts, bounded by a peculiar fence- as one might expect Mina's curiousity led her straight to the door. An elderly elven woman answered the knock as if she had expected it, and introduced herself as Mina's Grandmother (or perhaps her Great-Grandmother- she had lost track of how many children had come and gone over the years). The old woman was kind enough, if a bit, well, ODD, and she was both friendly and full of stories and entertaining advice. Mina spent many an afternoon there over the next few years, though for some reason she never thought to mention the old woman to any of her tutors, or even to her family...

Current Goal: Mina has been traveling towards Phandalin in search of information about the Forge of Spells, and the lost Wave Echo Cave. She was originally interested after hearing fragments of ballads about the final battle there- and she was further encouraged by her Grandmother’s apparent interest in the legendary site.
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