D&D 5E Lost Mines of Phandelver GM Resources


Tomorrow I am going to be running LMoP for a bunch of 13 year old boys with the intent of teaching them how to play D&D. This is the second game session with these guys but the first, as awesome as it was, was a basic introduction to the main concepts. In running LMoP I will be not only giving them a concrete example of what a real session looks like, but also teaching one of them to be the DM.

To that end, i would like to have some cheat sheets, guides and/or other resources to give the nascent DM in order to make his job easier when they play on their own next time. I was hoping to find things like plot diagrams, rules reference sheets keyed to encounters and location, and things like that. A quick search of the DMs Guild turned up less than I would have expected or liked.

Any help would be awesome. I think getting a new generation addicted early is super important to the hobby and LMoP is a great adventure and meaty enough to keep them playing for a while. But it can also be a little intimidating.


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R P Davis

I'm starting it with my group Sunday. :) I've read it, and heard nothing but good about it, so I decided to finally put it in front of my players and have at it.

I found this in my prep. Maybe it'll help.

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