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[Luc Besson] The Fight Element and Valerian


I gave it a 5 when I saw The Fifth Element the first time at the theatre because I thought I was going to see a serious sci-fi movie. I was taken aback. Now I give it a 7. It's good. Besson is the Terry Gilliam of France. Not everything in his movies serves a direct purpose in the plot. They both indulge. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 😉

A lot of the bonkers attitude of the movie comes from the fact that Besson is a Valérian fan. In fact, in my special movie edition of the complete Valérian, there is an article on the Fifth Element. In 1991 Besson contacted JC Mézières (art for Valerian) about making a sci-fi movie together. In 1992 Mézières worked on the script and visuals for the movie. Moebius worked shortly on it with 8 other young artists. But Besson left for NY to do Léon (The Profesional). The project was on hold.

In 1994 Mézières took his script ideas and published "Valerian Les Cercles du Pouvoir" (The Circles of Power) in which Valerian and Laureline embark on an adventure with the crazy driver of flying cab in a mega city ruled by a strange authoritarian cult. A copy was sent to Besson. Shooting of the Fifth Element began in 1996.


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I'm just OK with "Valerian." "The Fifth Element" is a remarkably good movie, for a story with such a trite moral (love is the most powerful force in the universe).

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