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Justin Nelson

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When adding LUCK dice to an attribute check dice-pool do players need to add the dice before they make the roll or is it ok for them to wait and see if they need to use LUCK to succeed?

Last night my group ran into a situation where we were using the extended travel rules and by the time they added luck dice to each days rolls it was almost impossible for them to fail the daily difficult (16) checks for the desert environment they were traveling through. Am I missing something with the use of luck and the wilderness travel rules? We assumed that the LUCK pool refilled each day as they would have time to rest.

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Your players shouldn't be using LUCK for daily checks, or during downtime. The LUCK mechanic is meant for encounters only.


What kind of careers should have a Luck bonus?
Does the extra Luck dices from the Adult/Old exploits increase the attribute in general or does it counts as extra dice granted by the exploit?


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I'm not too sure I understand the first question, but for the second it's actual extra dice.


Some careers grant a bonus on the LUCK attribute. For homebrewn careers, what should be the backround/reason/story of a career to grant a bonus on the LUCK attribute?

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