M.E.R.C. - SUPERS! Revised Edition version



Our first Print on Demand (POD) release, M.E.R.C., is now available from One Bookshelf (DriveThruRPG and RPGNOW), for only $8.95. As an added bonus, you can get the PDF at no additional cost.


Welcome to Christmas in July! For the rest of July, this digital title has been marked down by 25%! For more values, visit our Christmas in July sale page.
Have you ever wondered where your favorite villain hires his gun-toting thugs? The answer is M.E.R.C., a “company” that recruits, trains, equips, and supplies mercenaries and super powered muscle to the world's tyrants, dictators, and supervillains.

Written by Dominique Sumner with full color art by Joe Singleton, and layout by Walt Robillard. Be it an individual villain, group, or organization, each Enemy Strike File Source Book details a villainous organization for use with your SUPERS! Revised Edition roleplaying game. Each organization is extensively detailed allowing it to be easily integrated into your games; be it a one-shot gaming session to an ongoing campaign. From New Millennium Games - Published by HAZARD Studios.


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