[M&M 3E] October 1962 (Full)

Mark Chance

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Tuesday, October 23, 1962
Day two of the U.S. naval blockade standing in the way of further Soviet missiles arriving in Cuba. Does the world teeter on the brink of nuclear war? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

New Falls, Washington, seems millions of miles away from the crisis brewing in the Caribbean. Indeed, New Falls seems a long way from just about everywhere. It's more than 160 miles through winding roads amid river valleys and forests to the nearest town. New Falls is isolated, traditional, patriotic: home to less than 1,200 heads of household, most of whom work directly or indirectly for Titan Defense (TD), a major research and development corporation.

In New Falls, life goes on much as it has done since the end of WWII, when TD bought the valley and surrounding lands from the state and federal governments on which the thriving community now exists. People go to work, to school, to the cinema, to the diner, to the church or the synagogue.

And, meanwhile, New Falls High School gears up for the big Halloween Dance.

Your Characters...
...are seniors at New Falls High School. You might be looking forward to the big dance. You might be looking forward to graduation and what follows. You might have dreams big or small. Who knows? Maybe you'll finally get to spend more than a week with your family away from New Falls. There's a great, big world out there, and you've seen very little of it except on TV or in a movie.

Starting the Game
At the beginning of the game, your character is just a high school student. If we had to assign a Power Level, your character would be PL 1. Your character has no superpowers, no uncanny aptitude for science or magic or psionics or anything like that.

About the Heroes
While your character isn't a hero to start with, he or she won't stay that way. All of the characters will share a common origin story. As a result of that origin story, the characters become the heroes, finding themselves in a world much more dangerous and mad and astonishing than even the wildest day ever in New Falls. Once your characters undergo their transformations, they become PL 5 supers. Don't worry about creating a PL 5 hero just yet.

Hero Advancement
Your heroes will improve quickly. Power Point awards will start out of 5 PP per milestone with the series PL increasing every 15 or so earned PP.

What Next?
If you're interested, please let me know and post a Before/After summary. Who is your character before The Change? Who is your character after The Change? While considering these two questions, think Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko in the 60s and 70s.

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Without knowing the nature of the Event, it’s hard to be sure what works.

However, I’ve had a thought I’d like to play around with. I’m currently thinking an overweight marginalized boy who never made anything of himself outside of Chess Club and after the Event, he’s got a perfect body, complete with six pack abs, enhanced strength and endurance, wings, Empathetic Healing and Minor immortality (reborn in a globe of light a few days later if he dies). It’s an idea I’ve had for a while. He’d likely develop other abilities as he gets stronger, such as manipulating fire or regeneration, things that would fit an Angel/Phoenix motif, but to start the only supernatural ability, besides his new physique, would be his Empathetic Healing. I’d want to make it later that he learns to give his injuries to others, but I’d have to figure out how to do that. Maybe an attack power that gives damage and heals himself the same amount, but can only be used when currently damaged. The thought being he can take damage from allies into himself and give it to enemies.


Sign me up. School athlete (not a cheerleader, just one of the top female athletes, tennis maybe, and top academics. Driven.). I hope the event allows her to be less self-focused.


I'd be interested. I'm pretty flexible on characters. So we have the Nerd and the Athlete covered for high school tropes. What's that leave? Popular and Bad Boy/Girl? I'm thinking teleporter or basic TP/TK build. This is just top of my head right now. I'll give it some more thought and see if I come up with anything else.


See if this is right. Going with the bad girl teleporter:

Hero: Mirage
Identity (Secret): Maria Sofia Ximena Ibarra (Sofia Ibarra)
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 105 lb
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Group Affiliation: Tres Reyes gang
Base of Operations: New Falls High School
Power Level: 1 (15p)
Power Point Totals: Abilities: 8 + Powers 0 + Advantages 0 + Skills 7 + Defenses 0 = 15
Power Points Earned: 0
Unspent Points: 0
Trade-offs (PL1):
- Skill Modifier (11)
- Attack/Effect (Melee): 0/0
- Attack/Effect (Ranged): 0/0
- Dodge/Toughness: 1/0
- Parry/Toughness: 1/0
- Fortitude/Will: 0/1

Abilities (8p)
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Agility: 1
Dexterity: 0
Fighting: 1
Intellect: 0
Awareness: 1
Presence: 1

Initiative: 1
Melee: +0
Ranged: +0
Specific Attacks:
- Unarmed: +1; DC 11 (Damage 15, bludgeoning; crit 20)

Defenses (0p)
Dodge: 1 (1 Agility)
Parry: 1 (1 Fighting)
Fortitude: 0
Toughness: 0
Will: 1 (1 Awareness)

Skills (14 Ranks, 7p)
Acrobatics: 1 (Trained Only)(1 Agility)
Athletics: 1 (1 Strength)
Close Combat
- Unarmed: 0
Deception: 3 (1 Presence + 2 Ranks)
Expertise (Trained Only): 0
Insight: 1 (1 Awareness)
Intimidation: 3 (1 Presence + 2 Ranks)
Investigation: 0 (Trained Only)
Perception: 1 (1 Awareness)
Persuasion: 3 (1 Presence + 2 Ranks)
Ranged Combat: 0
Sleight of Hand: 2 (2 Ranks) (Trained Only)
Stealth: 3 (1 Agility + 2 Ranks)
Technology: 2 (Trained Only)(2 Ranks)
Treatment: 0 (Trained Only)
Vehicles: 2 (Trained Only)(2 Ranks)

Advantages (0p)

Equipment (0ep)

Powers (0p)

Complications: Responsibility (little sister)
Motivation: Thrills, Greed

Sofia was born in Havanna, Cuba. Her family fled to Miami when Castro took over the country. In Miami, she fell in with the Latin gang Tres Reyes. Two years ago, when Sofia was a junior, her father died. Her mother moved the family north to New Falls, Washington when her mother got a job with Titan Defense. Sofia found herself out of place in the small town and missing her gang friends in Miami. With her mother working long hours, Sofia was left babysitting her little sister Alejandra. Sofia also found it difficult to fit into the new school with its tight cliques and few minorities like herself. She acted out, often getting in trouble and landing in detention.


I don't know what kind of hero she might become. Depends how the event affects the lives around her. But I think this is a good portrait of who she was.

Jennifer Arden
(Hero; PL: 1; PP: 15/15)

Strength: 0; Agility: 2; Fighting: 2; Awareness: 0
Stamina: 0; Dexterity: 0; Intellect: 2; Presence: 0

Dodge: 2, Parry: 2, Fortitude: 0, Toughness: 0, Will: 0

SKILLS: Athletics +0; Deception +0; Expertise: Tennis +6 (4r); Insight +0; Intimidation +0; Perception +0; Persuasion +0; Stealth +2
ADVANTAGES: Attractive

Gender: Female Age: 17
Eyes: Green Hair: Auburn, long, straight
Height: 5' 9" Weight:110 lb.

Jennifer is a small town girl with big time ambition. She plays tennis competitively and has a shelf of trophies to show for it.

Her father, Greg, works at the local factory on the night shift. He's the shift manager so he also sometimes works days. He limps noticeably, a wound he acquired in the Pacific theater. Greg married Julia in 1943 after he was honorably discharged.

Julia died in a car accident 8 years ago, when Jennifer was 9 and her baby sister Emily was 2. Greg's sister Sandy moved in after her death to take care of the kids. But Sandy has trouble keeping away from the bottle and so Jennifer has raised Emily more than her Aunt has. Sandy moved out a couple years ago because while Jennifer never said a word to her, Sandy could not handle the way Jennifer looked at her.

Even with the turmoil at home, Jennifer has managed to hold a straight-A GPA all through high school and plays on the school tennis team. When she isn't doing her homework, helping Emily with her homework, cleaning the house, or making dinner, she can be found batting tennis balls against the old barn out back. (Greg had to replace one of the barn walls with a cement wall because she put too many holes in the old rotted wood on the barn. Also, the "farm" hasn't been a working farm since the war.)

Jennifer has dated a few boys at school. But she remains chaste. She knows what raising a child is like and doesn't want that getting in the way of her tennis career.

  • Motivation: Recognition: She will be the best. Best on the tennis court. Valedictorian. The Best
  • Responsibility: Emily Arden is Jennifer's little sister (age 14). Since mom died 12 years ago, Jennifer has been taking care of her. Emily barely remembers their Mom other than the stories Jennifer tells her.
TOTALS: Abilities: 12, Powers: 0, Advantages: 1, Skills: 2, Defenses: 0 -> 15

Here is a very rough draft of my character.

Charles (Charlie) Babitch
(Hero; PL: 1; PP: 15/15)

Strength: 0; Agility: 1; Fighting: 0; Awareness: 2
Stamina: 0; Dexterity: 1; Intellect: 1; Presence: 0

Dodge: 1, Parry: 0, Fortitude: 0, Toughness: 0, Will: 2

SKILLS: Expertise: Survival +2; Insight +3; Perception +4; Ranged Combat +2; Stealth +2
ADVANTAGES: Hide in Plain Sight, Tracking

Gender: Male Age: 18
Eyes: Blue Hair: Black
Height: 6' Weight:185 lb.

Charlie has always been an outsider. His family is a little strange. His father believed the Reds had infiltarted the country. This was the prelude to an invasion. He had spent years and almost every dime he made outfitting a bunker in the mountains of their property. He had been teaching his son to live off the land and resist when the day finally arrived. His mom was crazy, and in this case it was not an exaggeration. She spoke to angels or that was what she said. This made it hard to have friends so Charlie didn't try. It also didn't help that his father barley held a job so Charlie had to work nights and weekends to support his family. He wished only to get away from this town but new it would never happen. He was stuck with no one but himself.

  • Motivation: Acceptance: He might not show it but all Charlie wants is to be accepted by his peers.
  • Responsibility: Charlie is the only one who supports his family. Without him they would lose everything.
TOTALS: Abilities: 1, Powers: 0, Advantages: 2, Skills: 3, Defenses: 0 -> 15

Mark Chance

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Hmm. Well, "later today" turned into "not this weekend". Busy, busy. I should have time later today to move things along a bit.

I'm going to give the other PCs time to catch up in game to my character. Don't want to make things more confusing. Also want to give everyone a chance to RP anything that happens before my PC gets to school.

Mark Chance

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Later today or tomorrow, I'm going to advance the timeline to the school lunch period. If there's anything you want your characters to do, say, et cetera before then, now's the time to post. After lunch, we'll hit the end of the day, and then I'm going to throw a huge sack of feces at a large, rapidly spinning fan.


Mark Chance

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As we come to the close the week, it's time for every character to be awarded 2 Power Points. Hold off on spending these, please.

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