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So, back in the day, my group played 1st Edition Mutants and Masterminds. Character creation was ridicuously awesome, it used (ish) the familiar d20 system, and was just generally a good time. Over time, we switched to other systems and games, since we suffer from RPG ADD pretty hardcore.

Fast forward, and we discovered ICONS. Lightweight rules, lightweight character creation, very flexible, quick to play.

Feeling nostalgic, I picked up M&M3. I haven't read through it completely, though I've skimmed about. I can't really see advantages over ICONS. Character creation is more specific, but not necessarily more powerful. The rules use the familiar True20, but ICONS is simple enough that you can pick it up after a round or three.

So...has anyone played both M&M3 as well as ICONS? What are the advantages you see in both? I'm sure there're some (is there're a word?), just gotta dig them up.

ICONS might not be suited for extended campaigns, but I've never tried, so...

What do you guys think?

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