M1: Just a Treasure Hunt?? (Bront Judging)

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Genithar mentions he HAS a scroll of Comprehend Languages, and suggests Corran think about Neutralize Poison scrolls.

Further more, the Wizard is willing to sell his oil of repair light, a scroll of magic weapon, and a sunrod (at half price =39.5gp) and add to that 10.5gp of his own for 50gp total, the price of an antitoxin.


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Corran smiles at Genithar with a slight air of apology,Sadly, my friend, delay poison is beyond my price range, let alone neutralize. I fear we must rely on antitoxin and avoiding poisonous attacks.

Obviously underinformed on Corran's lvl of power, the Wizard only bows in apology, responding, 'Your wisdom shines through, my friend. I shall follow your advice.'

ooc; cool, G will sell those items i've mentioned above to buy an anti-toxin. please let me know when this is approved.


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Terran will buy two doses of antitoxin as well.
I can prepare delay poison if youd like.

Can we re-prepare spells?

0 - Detect magic, Detect poisonx2, Light; 1st - Bless, Divine Favor, Endure Elements D:Charm Person 2: Delay Poison, Bull's Strength, D:Calm Emotions

Genithar turns to Terran with a grateful nod, agreeing as he mentions his own spell compliment, in a whispered fashion.

4 0th - Read Magic, Detect Magic, Message, Flare; 3 1st - Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Charm Person

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