M4: Under the Volcano [Nimisgod judging] -CONCLUDED


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My favorite adventures as a player are often when my PC has a unique an important contribtion to the group. The larger the group, and the greater the level discrepancy between them, the greater the chance that one or more PCs are simply overshadowed. In my next DMing effort, I hope to keep the group small and balanced, which should give everyone a better chance to shine. I recall one of my worse DnD experiences, where the party consisted of three monks and two halfling rangers. I think the DM thought is was cool, but I quickly grew very bored with my monk PC.

I think the earnings from the knighthood should start October 1st.

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Knight Otu

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Erekose, we should conspire at some time about the look of our tower-library. Ashnar will probably stay behind at the tower for now, overseeing some of the work and craft some items.

Regarding the dagger and the name, Ashnar had only given his first name (and he would have explained about his last name if asked). So, the dagger should only bear the name Ashnar. He wouldn't be too surprised if Medius somehow learned his last name, just that he'd bother to learn it, and he wouldn't press to find out how he got the name.

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