Mad Manx: Furry Road meets Fallout: Zootopia


I'm starting a new campaign upcoming, using the After The Bomb setting, i e. post-apocalypse TMNT. Anthro animals and wasteland cars abound. Characters start in the region called New Americorps in what was once Southern California, a loose federation of city-states under threat from the Road Hogs, a biker gang with access to high-tech gear and imperial aspirations.

Game notes: This setting is a comic-book reality, which is why there's anthropomorphic mutants etc. There's superscience in some of those ruins, ninja clans exist in post-apocalypse California, and tricked-out wastelander vehicles are obligatory.

*Campaign options":
Keep on Trucking: Where there are roads and engines, people will pay to haul goods from one place to another, and people will drive the trucks that do the hauling. On the Western highways of today, the wise trucker has a friend or two along to crew the machine-gun turrets

Vive la Resistance: The Road Hogs' subjects do not love their masters, and there are those who fight against them from within, aided by agents and equipment from Sacramento

The Treasure of the Sierra Nevada: Artifacts of humanity can fetch a good price in town. Wreckers travel the wastelands alone or in teams, fetching back enough to re-equip for the next run, always looking for the Big Score that will set them up for life.

Times tbd. Probably using the TMNT RPG system, or possibly GURPS 4e.

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